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  • AUTOCYB vehicle cybersecurity lock


    Designed to work on most post-1996 U.S. light vehicles (car or truck) that have a fully accessible and functional diagnostic link connector (DLC). To guarantee that the product will function as advertised we provide the customer with a practice plug. The product will come locked to the connector thus establishing the fact that it works […]

  • AUTOCYB® Lock Distributor


    For $5000 one-time fee Distributors Receives 50 AUTOCYB® locks and 1 large vinyl banner + 50 plastic QR certified install cards.

    You will receive a 2.5 X 8 outdoor vinyl

  • EDR State Statutes


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    17 EDR State Statutes PDF 1.87 MB
    EDR States Map JPG 3.36 MB
    17 States EDR Matrix PDF 65.8 KB/td>

    The digital product is not a legal document. It is an educational resource that includes 1) a nationwide map of EDR state statutes and 2) A matrix document including the state EDR statutes and 3) A collection of the 17 EDR State Statues The information contained within is useful to motorists.