EDR State Statutes




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The digital product is not a legal document. It is an educational resource that includes 1) a nationwide map of EDR state statutes and 2) A matrix document including the state EDR statutes and 3) A collection of the 17 EDR State Statues The information contained within is useful to motorists.


Many post-1996 cars and trucks have an Event Data Recorder (EDR) that collects and stores crash data.  Congress passed the Driver’s Privacy Act of 2015 which cites that the vehicle owner “owns” the crash data.  

Our goal is to empower you with a simple means to safeguard your data.  You have two choices. 1. Pre-Crash you can attach the vehicle cyber security lock.  2. Post-Crash you can authorize others to attach the lock.


I authorize the tow truck operator or any other entity at the crash site or impound facility to install the lock to my vehicle.


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