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Pre- Crash


This is the best time to secure access to your vehicle's Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) to safeguard against vehicle theft, data tampering, odometer fraud, VIN cloning and re-flashing your vehicle electronic network (hacking). Order online and self-install.



This is the low point of vehicle ownership.  It's when things  becomes urgent. Gone are the days of he said / she said testimony.  Nowadays most vehicles record crash data. The objective at the crash site is to prevent others from accessing and misusing your crash data.  If you already had the lock installed then you are covered from misuse.  If you did not, then your best option is to allow someone to attach a lock on your behalf.  That's where our online service come in.  

  • Order a lock and have it sent to  someone who can install.
  • The Driver's Privacy Act of 2015 cites that the vehicle owner "owns" the Event Data Recorder (EDR) data.
  • You can authorize the tow truck operator or any other entity at the crash site or impound facility to install the lock.


Check you email to learn when you vehicle's data was secured.  You can communicate with the entity and assure that others will not access your data unless authorized to do so.

  • Reporting & Analysis
    If you lock was tapped by others you will receive an email.
  • Chain of Custody
    Established & Maintained