What is the market for this product?

A large market exists in the following areas:

  • The general public of registered owners of the U.S. fleet of 243 million vehicles concerned with consumer protection, Big Brother and privacy issues.
  • Military vehicles and federal, state, county and local government vehicles.
  • Vehicle OEMs who lease vehicles — they cannot permit odometer tampering, re-engineering or access to crash data.
  • Automotive insurance companies who seek to prevent other parties from access to serial port data. Misuse of crash data will negatively impact insurers.
  • Automotive rental companies who wish to avoid odometer tampering or access to crash data.
  • Institutional fleets such as schools, colleges and universities.
  • Business fleets include leasing, construction, plumbing, heating, food distribution, shipping, utilities.
  • Others: police, fire, EMS, taxi, etc.
  • Automotive aftermarket, Big Box stores.
  • Global Market Partners in Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

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